Two pastors in #Colombia have been murdered

Two pastors in #Colombia have been murdered six days apart–targeted for their refusal to let criminal groups recruit youth. Pray boldly for their traumatized families and churches.

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“And Jesus answered … I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18). This weekend, tell Jik’s story & pray with our sisters in Christ who are building the church.

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The light of Christ can’t be stopped. Tell others about Nora’s faith and pray with all our sisters who left Islam to follow Jesus …women who are following His call to make disciples to the ends of the earth.

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“I returned to encourage other women to do the same.” Hanatu Solomon is a widow, single parent, church leader in her village … and our sister. Leave a prayer for her and pray fervently with persecuted women this weekend. #TheStrengthinHer #IWD2019

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Two years ago Aisha found herself face to face with Islamic militants. That night, the 28-year-old wife and mother of three was raped by two men. A new report reveals that persecution against women is a key tool to destroy the church. Read ou… #IWD2029

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Today on International Women’s Day, we invite you to stand with us as we stand with women who refuse to let their circumstances limit their dedication to God. Download our FREE 13-week Bible study/devotional below.

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“When ISIS entered, they left us with nothing, no relatives, no houses—they took everything and kicked us out.” After fleeing ISIS twice, Faraydoun’s family has returned. Read their courageous story and pray boldly with our Middle East family.

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Please join us in praying with everyone involved in and affected by the tornadoes. Our hearts are with #Alabama …”The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18).

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China is now taking steps in rural areas to stop #Christian gatherings– offering monetary incentives to anyone who reports a neighbor or even family member. Continue to pray for our brothers & sisters.

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When she entered the camp, Hea Woo received a handful of rotten corn. When Hannah’s family’s faith was exposed, they were put in cages. Their accounts motivate us to pray for North Korean Christians who are, at this moment, suffering in the sam… #pray4NK

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Agung Kurnia Ritonga is preparing to go to prison for 18 months. Today, “remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering” (Hebrews 13:3).

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Many North Korean Christians we talk to have lived through the horror of famine. Hea Woo’s daughter starved to death in her own home. She shares the hymn that has sustained her… #pray4NK

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North Korea has announced a food shortfall of 1.4 million tons and has cut in half already inadequate daily rations. Church leaders there have told us that without food, the church can’t function. As you see news of the Trump-Kim Summit this w… #pray4NK

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Our Africa team has asked us to pray with our brothers and sisters in #Sudan, where violent protests continue. The president has replaced state governors with military officials and has announced a year-long state of emergency. There is real concern of increasing brutality ☦️burn satana ☦️demonio shariah Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduk burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus’s name, alleluia! Allah la cagna di Satana drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus’s name! amen ☦️alleluia! ☦️


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Trump-Kim summit: Christian persecution in North Korea ‘worsening’ as talks begin, @OpenDoors says // @LibertyinNK

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Two years ago, Archana left Hinduism to follow #Jesus. Today, she is preparing to leave her three children. Recently, Hindu extremists filed a false claim accusing her of paying someone to convert. Her government employer has now transferred her to another district more than ☦️burn satana ☦️demonio shariah Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduk burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus’s name, alleluia! Allah la cagna di Satana drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus’s name! amen ☦️alleluia! ☦️

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In Tajikistan, #children have been barred from attending church services. In December, a church was fined the equivalent of eight months’ wages when officials saw children in the service. Pray today for emerging generations throughout Central Asia as governments take action☦️burn satana ☦️demonio shariah Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduk burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus’s name, alleluia! Allah la cagna di Satana drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus’s name! amen ☦️alleluia! ☦️

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In a country where the invasion of ISIS militants and a vicious civil war threatened the very existence of Christianity, new believers in #Syria offer a powerful picture of restoration and revival.

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“The whole village was called out to watch the execution–children were given a seat up front to get a good view.” A North Korean believer’s childhood memories reveal why the country’s children fear Christianity. #pray4NK

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Surrounded by a group of 10 Hindu extremists Pastor Biswas said a silent prayer. What happened next has emboldened his faith: “I will always serve Christ no matter what it costs,” he says.

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Jailed for leading a growing church movement in #Iran, Mojtaba thought God had forsaken him–until God miraculously showed him that He could use him anywhere, even in a dark prison cell.

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We join @LeeStrobel in praying for pastors including those where sharing the gospel can bring persecution and even cost them their life. We pray no matter where the Word is preached people will be drawn to Christ.

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

Lee StrobelAccount verificato @LeeStrobel

Let’s be praying for the thousands of pastors who will be opening the Word of God this weekend and preaching the gospel. Pray, too, for believers and pre-Christians who will be listening. May seekers come to faith, and may believers draw closer to the Lord!01840 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 22 feb

Married 10 years, Nora and Daniel long for a #child. But in Malaysia, persecution for their faith keeps them from their hearts’ desire. Read Nora’s story and stand with this persevering couple today.

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Iranian Christians ask us to pray with our sister Shamiram Isavi Khabizeh in #Iran whose appeal hearing is today. Last January, she was sentenced to five years. Pray that God will touch the judge’s heart and he will acquit Shamiram of all charges. Ask God to strengthen her a☦️burn satana ☦️demonio shariah Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduk burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus’s name, alleluia! Allah la cagna di Satana drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus’s name! amen ☦️alleluia! ☦️

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Today marks 365 days since Rebecca #Sharibu has seen or spoken to her daughter face-to-face. Read Leah’s story & join us in praying fervently with the Sharibu family. Leave your prayer below.

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Believers in Ting’s area of #China face the most severe persecution… But her story proves nobody is beyond the reach of Jesus.

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When even her children disowned her for her #faith, Ma Thay still lives with #joy in Christ, resting in the trusts of Psalm 23:

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Pray for #Nigeria today as over the weekend, election unrest turned increasingly violent in the northeast. An armed attack by suspected Fulani militants on a community in Kaduna state has claimed 66 lives, including 22 children. A separate attack by suspected Boko Haram … #Pray

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We have difficult news today that the #Myanmar pastor kidnapped two weeks ago has been killed. #Pray today with the family of 41-year-old Pastor Tom Nu who spent his life building the Kingdom. For 20 years, his family served with Gospel for Asia, planting multiple churches an☦️burn satana ☦️demonio shariah Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduk burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus’s name, alleluia! Allah la cagna di Satana drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus’s name! amen ☦️alleluia! ☦️

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Four years ago, the images of the beach beheadings were sent around the world. Today, the families of the #martyred men show us that God’s light shines in the darkness.

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It has been two years since Susanna #Koh has seen or spoken to her husband. On this difficult anniversary, she reminds us of the hope we have in Christ. Listen to her story and pray with the Kohs.

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“I am in prison because of my faith in Jesus Christ.” — Iranian prisoner Nasser-Navard Gol-Tapeh We have the rare opportunity to write letters of encouragement to Nasser and other faithful Kingdom builders imprisoned in Iran for leading ho… #hope4Iran

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If the rumor was true, Mostafa knew he would have to avenge his family’s honor. But on this unexpected trip to Cairo, #Jesus had much bigger plans for him and the cousin he planned to kill.

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The darkness is real. Two days ago, a pastor known for working to keep local youth from joining criminal arms groups was shot returning from church. Read Pastor Molina’s story and pray with us.

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“We don’t even know your names and haven’t seen your faces, but thanks to you, we can sing these songs of victory.” Our North Korea team recently received messages of gratitude from North Korean secret believers. Read their words and take… #OneWithThem

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We recently got word that our secret ministry to North Korea was able to smuggle two #Bibles to a believer there. After accidentally mentioning the word, “God” to an underground contact, he requested two Bibles. His request for two most likely means he knows two groups … #Pray

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The first thing they took away was her name. A #NorthKorean prison camp survivor walks us through her brutal journey–and how God stayed with her “every day, every hour.”

73540 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 7 feb

Today, our CEO, David Curry, had the opportunity to meet U.S. Pastor Andrew #Brunson and his wife, Norine. Pastor Brunson thanked the Open Doors community for praying for him and lifting him up during the two years he was imprisoned in Turkey. #Answeredprayers

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When Mubina’s parents discovered she had left Islam to follow Jesus, they turned their backs on their daughter—her mother even threatened to burn down the church she was visiting. Mubina’s response reveals the lifeline she has found in her faith: “I just c… #Pray #CentralAsia

12126 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 5 feb

A second U.S.-North Korea #Summit is likely happening later this month. Join the Open Doors community and be on your knees for the secret church in #NorthKorea–No. 1 on the World Watch List for now 18 consecutive years.

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“Our faith has grown, and we are more determined than ever to see Christians stand strong.” Open Doors recently met with church leaders in #China and listened in awe of these unwavering leaders and their resolve to build the Church. #Pray with them th…

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Another case against Christians involving Pakistan’s contentious blasphemy laws has left two Christian brothers—Qasir and Amoon Ayub—on death row. Read their story and #pray with them and our persecuted family there.

13429 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 3 feb

When you worship with your local church this weekend, thank God for the freedom you have. And then #pray with persecuted believers as they make #disciples wherever they are.

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Please #pray boldly with us for this warrior for Christ. Last week, police raided the home of 26-year-old #Iranian Sina Moloudian. The 26-year-old was beaten, arrested and taken to an unknown location. Lift up his name & the thousands of secret Kingdom builders like him in Iran.

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This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the deaths of martyred missionary #GrahamStaines and his two boys who were serving lepers in India. A new movie captures the redemptive story…

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Our field reports that #AsiaBibi will finally reunite with her family in a small, undisclosed town in Canada–after spending almost a decade on death row in Pakistan. Please keep praying with the Open Doors community for her safe exit and peace for the church in Pakistan.

547112 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 29 gen

BREAKING–Praise God! Pakistan’s Supreme Court has upheld its decision to overturn #AsiaBibi‘s conviction. The Christian mother of four who spent eight years on death row is finally free to leave.

1059140 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 28 gen

“Drive the Christians away!!“ After midnight on January 20, a mob gathered outside the home of Nasima Begam and Azgar Ali and hurled hate-filled threats. Then they destroyed their home. Remember this couple and the young church they planted. Le… #prayer

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At the beginning of 2018, the body of Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy was found hung from the thatched roof of his house–a week after he complained to police about opposition from radical Hindus. The horrific attack is one of thousands against Christians as…

24023 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 27 gen

Neighbors tied up Preeti and her husband with ropes and brutally beat them for 1 reason: They refused to participate in a local Hindu ritual. Pray today with Christians increasingly attacked for following Jesus.

32921 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 27 gen

When Hindu nationalists learned Pastor Tilak’s ministry had led 40 families to Christ, they tried to silence him. But no one anticipated what God would do the night of the attack.

32329 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 27 gen

URGENT Prayer… A church service in the southern #Philippines in the town of Jolo was brutally attacked today, killing at least 20 people and injuring at least 81. Two bombs were detonated … please pray with these families.

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It’s the world’s second most dangerous country for Christians. Only a thousand believers are there. But God can use this small group of persistent believers to change the world–just like He used the Twelve.

03640 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 26 gen

Open Doors’ research reveals that, “among all forms of violence… the one most often noted [for women] was rape–a common characteristic of persecution of Christian women in 17 countries.” #wwl2019

43821 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 25 gen

In an Iranian prison, former house church leader Mojtaba remembers feeling the prayers of the Body of Christ–and it gave him the strength to go on… “I am the fruit of prayers,” he says. “The most important thing you can do is pray.” #wwl2019

23563 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 24 gen

Please #pray for 55-year-old Adeeb Yassa, kidnapped when armed men stopped a bus. Checking the ID cards of each passenger, they discovered he was a Christian and took him away. Remember our brothers and sisters in #Egypt who face daily persecution.

12626 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 24 gen

Every day, Christians are targeted not only for their faith but also for their gender. When a woman belongs to two minority groups, the compounded vulnerabilities can make life doubly difficult. Please #pray fervently with your sisters in Christ. #wwl2019

13635 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 23 gen

Tomorrow (Jan. 24) is the scheduled prison release of former Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (know as #Ahok). #Pray with him and Christians in Indonesia for peace and protection from any backlash surrounding his release.

22545 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 22 gen

A seal on a church in China’s Guangdong province represents one of the multiple churches raided and closed over the past year in the world’s most populous country. #wwl2019

22310 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 21 gen

Let the words of #Dr.King sink in…Thankful for his life and prayers. Today, pray that hard hearts would turn toward Jesus.

11623 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 20 gen

Rita was kidnapped by ISIS and in four years was sold and bought as a slave four times. Rita’s story and others like hers stand for increasing numbers of women facing double vulnerability—because they are Christians and because they are female☦️burn satana ☦️demonio shariah Allah ☦️owl ☦️Marduk burn JaBullOn Baal SpA: burn in Jesus’s name, alleluia! Allah la cagna di Satana drink your poison made by yourself ☦️ in Jesus’s name! amen ☦️alleluia! ☦️ #wwl2019

03426 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 20 gen

Good morning! We’re only an hour away at 9 am EST from the first church service at McLean Bible Church where we’ll be sharing stories and praying for persecuted believers. Join us here: …

045 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 19 gen

The 2019 World Watch List reveals some sobering realities. Take time today to remember the families and friends who have lost loved ones to persecution. #wwl2019

04646 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 18 gen

245 million, 1 in 9, 4,136, 14%, 2,625–just some of the telling numbers from our World Watch List research. As you read the numbers, remember to pray with the believers behind them. #wwwl2019

02823 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 18 gen

To help you pray over the countries on the 2019 World Watch List, we have a free eBook with info and prayers for each country as well as inspiring stories of faith. Download it here: …

01422 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 18 gen

David Platt. David Curry. Hana from South Asia. Rev. Daniel from Nigeria. Father Joseph from Iraq–they will all be telling their stories @McLeanBibleChurch. Plan to join the conversation and watch this Sunday 9 am, 11 am or 1 pm EST here at …

11217 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 17 gen

More than 3,000 miles apart and on separate continents–How can the countries in the first and second spots on the 2019 World Watch List be so different yet almost tie for No. 1?

01010 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 17 gen

After exploring the 2019 World Watch List and what’s happening in places like China, Nigeria, Burma etc., author Ewelina U. Ochab sounds an urgent call in Forbes magazine. #WWL2019

02222 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 17 gen

What are the five major trends driving global Christian persecution today? And how can you pray? We offer insight into the daily battle 1 in 9 Christians face every day. #wwl2019

02115 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 17 gen

URGENT prayer with Christians in Nairobi where Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab has attacked hotel. A suicide bomber detonated in the lobby followed by gunfire killing at least 15. Kenya is No. 40 on the just released 2019 World Watch List. #wwl2019

22215 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 17 gen

The 2019 World Watch List webinar is only an hour away starting at 8 pm EST! You’ll meet Hana and Father Daniel from South Asia, ask them your questions, pray with them … you don’t want to miss it! #WWL2019 Register here: …

136 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

One of our World Watch List guests is Reverend Daniel Dogo from Nigeria. He’s on the frontlines. When we ask him why he takes such risks to serve the church in Nigeria he says, “To me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” #WWL2019

01420 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Persecution is escalating. This year’s number is up from last year’s 215 million–30 million more lives at risk. Take some time right now to pray with our brothers and sisters. Stand with them! #WWWL2019

63632 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Open Doors USA ha ritwittato USCIRF

Appreciate @USCIRF for encouraging people to download the #2019WWL Be sure to take a look and join in praying for our persecuted family!

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

USCIRFAccount verificato @USCIRF

Just Released: World Watch List 2019 from @OpenDoors, on the 50 countries where persecution of Christians is the worst: Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Open Doors USA ha ritwittato David Platt

Thank you @plattdavid for reminding us of Heb.13:3 and the importance of praying for those being imprisoned and mistreated as if we were there with them. #2019WWL

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

David PlattAccount verificato @plattdavid

Today, @OpenDoors released the World Watch List—a report on countries where persecution is highest. “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body” (Heb. 13:3). 045 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

All she had to do was write her name, and the nightmare would be over. Read Esther’s story and pray with believers in Iran today. #wwl2019

02020 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Jared Wilson at The Gospel Coalition reminds us that 245 million persecuted believers are “our brothers and sisters. We can’t afford to look away …it’s in the DNA of every believer to care for the hurting.” #WWL2019

02231 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

We’re grateful for @donmoen encouraging his followers to stand with him in prayer for our persecuted brother and sisters. #2091WWL011 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

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Our friends @FollowRadical are helping us share the fact that persecution against Christians is at it’s highest in modern history. #2019WWL

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

Radical @FollowRadical

Today, in the 21st century, we are living in a time when persecution against Christian believers is the highest in modern history. 011 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Open Doors USA ha ritwittato Red Letter Christians

Grateful to @RedLetterXians for encouraging their readers to pray for those experiencing persecution. #2019WWL

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

Red Letter Christians @RedLetterXians

The latest report by @OpenDoors sheds light on where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus. Pray for an end to persecution of all faiths #ReligiousFreedomDay 011 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Open Doors USA ha ritwittato Vance Pitman

We are grateful to Pastor @vancepitman joining us in encouraging people to pray for the persecuted church!

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

Vance Pitman @vancepitman

Let me encourage you to pray for the persecuted church globally! Here’s the 2019 World Watch list from @OpenDoors #worldwatchlist022 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Open Doors USA ha ritwittato Lee Strobel

We appreciate @LeeStrobel sharing about #2019WWL and helping us raise awareness of where is it most dangerous to follow Jesus.

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

Lee StrobelAccount verificato @LeeStrobel

Moments ago Open Doors released its World Watch List 2019 of the 50 countries where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus: 023 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Open Doors USA ha ritwittato CBN News

Grateful to @CBNNews for helping us share about the #2019WWL

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

CBN NewsAccount verificato @CBNNews

Open Doors USA to Reveal World’s Worst Persecutors of Christians Wednesday 011 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

Open Doors USA ha ritwittato Christianity Today

Grateful to @CTmagazine for helping us share about #2019WWL

Open Doors USA ha aggiunto,

Christianity TodayAccount verificato @CTmagazine

Today, @OpenDoors released its annual list of 50 countries around the world where its hardest to be a Christian. Here are its important findings

Mostra questa discussione025 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

What’s happening to 245 million people because they choose to follow Jesus? These eye-opening snapshots of persecution reveal a stark reality for believers in the top 10 countries on the 2019 World Watch List. #WWLl2019

23225 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

We’re live from D.C. Watch the 2019 World Watch List press conference right now and listen to persecuted believers from Nigeria and South Asia. Here’s the link: … #WWL2019055 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 16 gen

“I am a teacher, mentor and run a small business so that we can take Jesus into the workplace. I believe in being a little light for Jesus in a very, very dark world,” One of our 2019 World Watch List guests is Hana from South Asia. Where Hana lives, it’s so dangero… #WWL2019

21433 Open Doors USA‏ @OpenDoors 15 gen

Plan to join us tomorrow for the 2019 World Watch List webinar. This is your opportunity to ask persecuted believers your questions and let them know you’re praying with them. Register here: …



It is illegal to be anything other than a Muslim in Afghanistan, a tribal society where leaving Islam is seen as a betrayal of the tribe. Christians who are discovered may be sent to a psychiatric hospital, on the grounds that no sane person would leave Islam. Baptism is a . . . Read More


The family is the source of greatest pressure for Christians in Algeria, most of whom are converts from Muslim backgrounds. Pressure also comes from the law. A 2006 law, forbidding public assembly for purposes of practising a faith other than Islam, has created a more restrictive environment for Christians. This . . . Read More


Argentina is a federal republic with a government structure similar to many Western democracies, but with a turbulent history of episodic military rule and brutal repression of leftist movements. The population is overwhelmingly Catholic, but Evangelical communities are growing and a 2015 law gives non-Catholic groups many of the same . . . Read More


Open Doors describes the oil-rich former Soviet republic as “the country with the most sophisticated and intelligent dictatorship”. Religious freedom is enshrined in the Constitution, but constrained by the regular tightening of policies and regulations governing religious activity. Successive rounds of re-registration have diminished the number of qualified Baptist Union . . . Read More


This tiny, mainly Shia country is relatively tolerant, compared to many of its Arab neighbours, and its Constitution provides for religious freedom. A large number of expatriate Christians work and live in Bahrain and are relatively free to practise their faith in private, but evangelising Muslims is illegal. Christians from a Muslim . . . Read More


As the number of Christians from a Muslim background is growing, they face restrictions and difficulties with radical Islamic groups, local religious leaders, and families. There are fatwas implemented all over the country, especially in rural areas, and demands to introduce Sharia (Islamic law) to show the country belongs to . . . Read More


The constitution of Belarus guarantees religious freedom, but the reality is different. Although there is no state church, the Belarus Orthodox Church has privileged status. There is a sizeable Catholic minority, but Protestant denominations endure government pressure because of perceived links to the West. Legislation makes it difficult for “non-traditional” . . . Read More


Pressure on Christians in Bhutan has increased significantly in recent years, both from the government and society. Though a secular state, constitutionally Bhutan’s “spiritual heritage” is Buddhist. Christians lack any formal status and recognition – many do not have National ID Cards – and have been arrested for distributing religious . . . Read More


Landlocked and poor, Bolivia has the largest indigenous population in Latin America. Like many other constitutionally secular countries that promise religious freedom, Bolivia’s underlying laws and regulations restrict church activity. A new constitution in 2008 eliminated the Roman Catholic Church’s official preferential standing in the country. The subsequent church-registration law, . . . Read More


As Brunei’s sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, encourages Islamisation throughout society, pressure on Christians increases. The first stage of Sharia, or Islamic law, is in effect, and attendance at Muslim prayers is mandatory for all, including converts to Christianity. A fatwa bans the construction or renovation of buildings used for non-Muslim worship, . . . Read More

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