Erdogan his scums Syrian Hezbollah and Hamas

“The message that President Trump has given the world is that America stands by Israel,” Netanyahu said. “We have a Purim miracle here.”

U.S. President Donald Trump declared recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights on Thursday, after which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a call to the American leader to thank him.

Earlier in the day, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an official visit to the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem together with Netanyahu and American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

“This is the eve of Purim, and we have a miracle of Purim,” Netanyahu said in a joint statement with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Jerusalem Thursday evening.

“President Trump has just made history. I called him. I thanked him on behalf of the people of Israel. He did it again.

MikeyParks8 hours ago

Now, if Israel just has enough sense to stand with Netanyahu!

o85o MikeyParks5 hours ago

Have faith. Like in the US, the loudest people, and those in the media don’t always reflect the will of the people (or of God).

alpcns .6 hours ago

He simply did the right thing – again. He’ll be swiftly and near-universally condemned for it, of course – further proving that he’s correct.

Kenneth Greenberg7 hours ago

Once again Pres. Trump gets it entirely right.

ricardo Kenneth Greenberg3 hours ago

Now I get why the press and so many people hate President Trump so much. President Trump is a brilliant individual that stands for the truth and justice. And that is a very hard pill to swallow for so many people, especially the ones in power all around the world. Look how he changed decades and decades of pointless and not effective US policies of appeasement, and detente, by recognizing simple truths and standing up to bullies like the Ayatollahs in Iran, and monsters like King Jon Un. There is a lot of symbolism in this coincidence with Purim, way beyond most people understand.

May G’d bless Presidente Trump!

Mike Kenneth Greenberg4 hours ago

Yes, but I hope that there is not a reaction among the Israeli electorate against a perceived interference of trump in the election.

Shosh 7154 Mikean hour ago

Most Israelis would vote for Trump if he were running for office in Israel.

Mike Shosh 715423 minutes ago

I believe that he is popular, but. I don’t know if more undecideds will go Netanyahu because of Trump’s Golan actions or away due to not liking the “interference” in the election.

Euilibri Mike3 hours ago

I wonder how they felt when Obama sent a team of his campaign whizzes to help Netanyahu’s opponent during a prevous Israeli election.

Mike Euilibri3 hours ago

They reacted with hostility, but the may not like US intervention whether it is pro-right or pro-left.

Jack Cobin7 hours ago

I remember before 1967 the Syrians used that high point to rain bombs down into Israel like target practice

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia Jack Cobin6 hours ago

how come after the 6days war to Egypt, the Sinai desert was returned until up to the strait on Suez?

VTS Yitzchak Kaduri Messia6 hours ago

That was sad. Begin screwed up. He should have asked to move Gazan arabs to the cities in Sinai that Israel built.

Mickey Oberman VTS5 hours ago

Aaah, the wisdom of afterthought!

VTS Mickey Oberman5 hours ago

Not the afterthought, but the matter of principle, especially after Holocaust: If Jews get to move out of their houses, their enemies have to do the same.

Texas_Swede6 hours ago

If I remember correctly, Golan Heights was a part of the Palestinian Protectorate and the binding resolution by LoN in San Remo was that the Protectorate was to be controlled by the Jews. However, the Syrians and France wanted Syria to have the Heights and the British caved. This binding resolution by LoN was 100% adopted like all other binding resolutions by UN at it’s founding in 1945. Consequently, Israel has the legal right to the Heights and President Trump just follow the international law.

Tommy Udo Texas_Swede4 hours ago

It was a petroleum deal with France and the trading of rights, after San Remo and of course the Mandadte for Palestine. The original maps of what was to be Mnadate for Palestine include the piece that is part of Israel.

callef Texas_Swede5 hours ago

So what –

You have never heard of the Swedish lawyer, expert in international law,- Ove Bring? Any thing -US and even Israel do for their country’s best is against that law, – according to Mr Bring.

peanut butter6 hours ago

So grateful that we will be standing beside Israel as she fights against the beast… I was born into a goodly land and I am grateful for it!

Pavle Kodak peanut butter5 hours ago

I immigrated to Israel 27 years ago from Serbia, and will never regret it. My “friends” from back there often remind me that I might fight for my survival here in a near future, and I always tell them I am much better here with all our problems then they are there, as when the fight start I will be surrounded by my fellow Jews and Israelis and we will keep each other backs and maybe we’ll die here but we’ll die fighting, “over there” no one will help them they will be on their own…

Bob Lovell5 hours ago

President Trump has confounded the enemies of Israel! No one in America or the world saw this coming! The last Obama Administration was an abomination in it’s treatment of Israel and it’s leaders. For conservative Christians like myself, God’s hand is evident in the very present events unfolding between America and Israel!! The moving of the American Embassy, the stopping of ISIS, the withdrawal from the catastrophic nuclear agreement with Iran, and now the affirmation of Israel’s right to possess the Golan Heights is beyond remarkable! As Netanyahu, the great leader of Israel has spoken; A Miracle has unfolded for Israel on this Holy Day! Shame to the American Media and those gentiles and leftist Jews in America who oppose these fantastic developments! Their irrational hatred of President Trump has blinded them to the truth! The New York Times article this day saying that Trump’s message on the Golan Heights means nothing is sheer madness! It is good news for America. It is good news for Israel! It is bad news for international terrorism! God bless America and Israel!!

J. Rochotte8 hours ago

With G-d, ALL things are possible !

peanut butter J. Rochotte6 hours ago

It is all in His plan for the last days!

VTS peanut butter5 hours ago

Nice Purim present by Trump. He understands greatness!

Angelica-Mixon Michael5 hours ago

Amen and keep building!

Hector Zuniga5 hours ago

This is a shut out to Er-dog-an and all scums of the Syrian Hezbollah and Hamas and the fakestinians of Abbas and his troupe.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia Hector Zuniga5 hours ago

Erdogan’s problem is that ISLAM genocide has never made a council out of its medieval brutality

Hector Zuniga5 hours ago

Thanks President Trump in name of Ysrael and the Jews and supporters around the World Thanks. Bless You.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia Hector Zuniga5 hours ago

Mohammedans of every shariah demonic race, they can also think (the most absurd things) that Allah is God, or that I can hate them, no, no, none of this,
they do to me: a harrowing schitting punishment!
Foreign Minister New Zealand announces: misunderstanding resolved with Turkey: sputniknews com / world / 201903227449110-Minister-Foreign-New-Zealand-considers-solved-misunderstanding-with-Turkey / Australians and New Zealanders in Turkey who adhere to anti-visions Muslims, they would relive the fate of their ancestors, who after the battle of Gallipoli left the territory of Turkey “in coffins”.

maomettani di ogni razza demonica shariah, loro possono pensare anche (le cose più assurde) che Allah è Dio, o che io possa odiarli, no, no, niente di tutto questo,
loro fanno a me: una pena straziante!
Ministro Esteri Nuova Zelanda annuncia: risolto malinteso con la Turchia:

australiani e i neozelandesi in Turchia che aderiscono a visioni anti-musulmane, avrebbero rivissuto il destino dei loro antenati, che dopo la battaglia di Gallipoli hanno lasciato il territorio della Turchia “in casse da morto”.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia6 hours ago

#Egypt “confirmed its position that it considers the Syrian Golan as an occupied Arab territory”,
but, there was no “Arab territory” before the 1000 damned genocides of 1400 years: ummah (genocide shariah and his substitution theology) before the 1000 previous Islamic genocides, so I claim for myself all: the ARAB LEAGUE

L’Egitto “ha confermato la propria posizione che considera il Golan siriano come un territorio arabo occupato”,
ma, non esistevano ” territorio arabo ” prima dei 1000 genocidi maledetti 1400 ummah (teologia della sostituzione shariah) prima dei 1000 genocidi islamici precedenti, quindi io rivendico per me stesso tutta: la LEGA ARABA

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia24 minutes ago

Il sacerdote nigeriano chiede l’aiuto delle Nazioni Unite e dell’America. Prende il genocidio dei cristiani in Nigeria. I seguaci dell’Islam hanno ucciso 120 cristiani nigeriani dal febbraio 2019.
Nigeryjski kapłan błaga o pomoc ONZ i Amerykę. Trwa ludobójstwo
chrześcijan w Nigerii. Wyznawcy islamu zabili od lutego 2019 roku 120
nigeryjskich chrześcijan!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia28 minutes ago

christianpost com / amp / 120-people-killed-140-homes-destroyed-by-nigeria-fulani-since-february
the ARAB LEAGUE Riad Iran Erdogan? they are having fun in Nigeria!
USA China and Russia must stop covering all this!

la LEGA ARABA Riad Iran Erdogan? si stanno divertendo in Nigeria!
USA Cina e Russia devono smettere di coprire tutto questo!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia34 minutes ago

Shameful how the world community sits by and pretends the massacre of Christians isnt happening. Where is the vigil for the Christians of Nigeria.The Nigerian priest asks for help from the United Nations and America. It takes the genocide of Christians in Nigeria. Followers of Islam have killed 120 Nigerian Christians since February 2019.

Il sacerdote nigeriano chiede l’aiuto delle Nazioni Unite e dell’America. Prende il genocidio dei cristiani in Nigeria. I seguaci dell’Islam hanno ucciso 120 cristiani nigeriani dal febbraio 2019.

pic twitter com/8Blro77KtH

Nigeryjski kapłan błaga o pomoc ONZ i Amerykę. Trwa ludobójstwo chrześcijan w Nigerii. Wyznawcy islamu zabili od lutego 2019 roku 120 nigeryjskich chrześcijan!


christianpost com/amp/120-people-killed-140-homes-destroyed-by-nigeria-fulani-since-february.html

Anna Bortsovaan hour ago

Bibi I am praying for you! May G-d lead and protect you!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messiaan hour ago

Yitzchak Kaduri Messiah vs meqmac •
I have 4 channels: @UniusRei1 @UniusRei2 @UniusRei3 @UniusREI
Governor brothers✞kingdom Israel @UniusRei and if I turn off ADSL and play alone on my deskpot it’s the same thing! this alone is enough to make you condemn to death!

Abesurdan hour ago

As a American citizen I thank Haym Solomon deeply for the freedoms I enjoy here.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

to give up the Golan Heights or anything else?
better the death!
does not exist: for the natural law: or for some positive juridical thought: a legal legitimacy for the shariah in this planet!

cedere le alture del Golan o qualsiasi altra cosa?
meglio la morte!
non esiste: per la legge naturale: o per qualche giuridico pensiero positivo: una legittimità giuridica per la shariah in questo pianeta!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia2 hours ago

Appeal to Islamic countries summit in Istanbul after Christchurch?
and for genocide Fulani and Boko haram in Nigeria: and genocide and massacre to all worldWide terrorism, the Erdogan the his jihadist galaxy: that is most heinous crimes on this planet?
when: Erdogan will do Appeal to Islamic countries summit in Istanbul for this?
mankind must unite to oppose united against this Islamic curse!

Appello al vertice dei paesi islamici a Istanbul dopo Christchurch?
e per il genocidio Fulani e Boko haram in Nigeria: e il genocidio e il massacro per il terrorismo di tutto il mondo, l’Erdogan la sua galassia jihadista: che è il crimine più atroce su questo pianeta?
quando: Erdogan farà appello al summit dei paesi islamici a Istanbul per questo?
l’umanità deve unirsi per opporsi uniti contro questa maledizione islamica!

meqmac2 hours ago

Much as I believe Israel has a right to remain in the Golan Heights i n perpetuity and to make the area part of Israel, it is a huge mistake to rely on Donald Trump as the authority to agree to this. In the end, he is going to be impeached and possibly sent to gaol for his endless frauds and lies, and when that happens any support he expressed for Israeli sovereignty will be ripped apart. He is going to go down as the worst president in US history, and that means that none of his declarations will remain in place as meaningful. Israel has a strong security case for retention of rthe Heights given Assad’s violence and Iran’s direct involvement in souther Syria. Thjat is the case that must be made in international tribunals.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia meqmac21 minutes ago

if we exclude Muslims who are totally possessed?
this is the truth: there is no one on this planet who is sure he can survive a nuclear world war!
so the NWO must be peacefully absorbed by my kingdom of Israel!

se escludiamo gli islamici che sono totalmente indemoniati?
è questa la verità: non c’é nessuno, in questo pianeta, che è sicuro di poter sopravvivere a una guerra mondiale nucleare!
quindi il NWO deve essere assorbito pacificamente dal mio regno di Israele!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia meqmacan hour ago

io ho 4 canali :@UniusRei1@UniusRei2@UniusRei3 ☩Unius REI
☦️Governor brothers✞kingdom Israele @UniusRei e se spengo la ADSL e gioco da solo sul mio deskpot è la stessa cosa! soltanto questo è sufficiente per farvi condannare a morte!

Abesurd meqmacan hour ago


Yitzchak Kaduri Messia meqmacan hour ago

YOU HAVE LOST THE POWERs Sodoma Satana: when you being in total control of the crime: Constitutional and demonic: of the realm of: new world order, now, for all this defeat FED FMI BM NWO? there is no longer a solution, in fact this is my time, and it is my kingdom!

VOI AVETE PERSO IL POTERE essendo in totale controllo del delitto: Costituzionale e demonico: del regno di: nuovo ordine mondiale, ora per tutta questa sconfitta FED FMI BM NWO? non esiste più una soluzione, infatti questo è il mio tempo, ed è il mio regno!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia meqmacan hour ago

you of the democratic party: Sodom: GOLPE rothschild Soros Bilderberg regime, and your Satan-Allah: high constitutional treason, banking seigniorage?
you will never have the majority again, and you have to stop slandering Donald Trump and all this betrayal by RIVLIN JaBull-On?
you must do yourself a reason!

voi del partito democratico: Sodoma: rothschild Soros Bilderberg regime Satana-Allah: alto tradimento costituzionale il signoraggio bancario?
voi non avrete mai più la maggioranza, e voi la dovete smettere di calunniare Donald Trump e di tutto questo tradimento Rivlin JaBull-On?
voi ve ne dovete fare una ragione!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia5 hours ago

hey crazy Putin shariah genocide: how many genocides have you forgiven the ARAB LEAGUE in the last 1400 years?
do you know that the genocide in Syria of almost all non-Sunni Salafis did?
or that they are cleaning up Africa from all Christians?

ehi bombolo Putin genocidio shariah: quanti genocidi tu hai perdonato alla LEGA ARABA in questi ultimi 1400anni?
lo sai che hanno fatto il genocidio in Siria di quasi tutti i non sunniti salafiti?
o che stanno ripulendo l’Africa da tutti i cristiani?

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia5 hours ago

France Summons Israeli Envoy Over ‘Intrusion’ at Cultural Centre in Jerusalem: sputniknews com/world/201903221073467972-france-israel-jerusalem-summon-cultural-centre/ Lorenzojhwh HumanumGenus
Putin Vladimir] if you don’t stop going after the Mohammedans?
you will end up making everyone hate you!

Putin Vladimir ] se tu non la smetti di andare dietro ai maomettani?
tu finirai per farti odiare da tutti!

Atul Kumar Singh • 5 hours ago

Satya Meva Jayate

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia5 hours ago

Executioner Turkish president Recep Tayyip Ottoman Sultan Erdogan, jihadist galaxy ISIS Boko Haram, Taliban, al-Nusra and all the DEADS and STRAMORTI in paradise of Mohammed shariah: 33 pizzuti daemons!
he said: “Islamophobia as anti-Semitism” and in this he is right kills more innocent people: the rothschild banking seigniorage that not Allah the devil!
Appeal to Islamic countries summit in Istanbul after Christchurch massacre
all the most heinous crimes on this planet? all in the name of Allah are committed: Putin crazy said.

tutti i delitti più atroci in questo pianeta? tutti in nome di Allah si commettono: ha detto Putin
Boia presidente turco Recep Tayyip Ottomano Sultano Erdogan, galassiah jihadista ISIS Boko Haram, Talebani, al-Nusra e tutti i MORTI e STRAMORTI in paradiso of Mohammed shariah: 33demoni pizzuti!
ha detto: “islamofobia come antisemitismo” e in questo lui ha ragione uccide più persone innocenti: il signoraggio bancario rothschild che non Allah il demonio!

Appello a summit Paesi Islam a Istanbul dopo strage Christchurch

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia5 hours ago

Maria Zakharova (galinova), who pointed out that Russia’s position that the Golan: belong to Syria remains unchanged.
Putin shouldn’t be so touchy just because his weapons are: always most getting worse!
Because in this way if Syrian Jordanians and Saudi Egyptians had won: today he would have on his communism genocide KGB URSS: crazy, also the life of all Israelis!

Maria Zakharova, che ha sottolineato che la posizione della Russia, secondo cui le Alture appartengono alla Siria, resta invariata.
Putin non dovrebbe essere così permaloso soltanto perché le sue armi sono sempre più scadenti!
Perché in questo modo se Siriani Giordani ed Egiziani sauditi avessero vinto: oggi avrebbe sul suo comunismo genocidio anche la vita di tutti gli israeliani!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia6 hours ago

“The legitimacy of Jerusalem and the Golan and the EU CHINA AFRICA ASIA, etc. are determined by the Palestinian and Syrian people,” said Nabil Abu Rudeina spokesman for the Palestinian president, Abu Mazen.
ANSWER. we all know that only Allah is the right one!

“La legittimità di Gerusalemme e del Golan e della UE CINA AFRICA ASIA, ecc. sono determinate dal popolo palestinese e da quello siriano”, ha detto Nabil Abu Rudeina portavoce del presidente palestinese, Abu Mazen.
ANSWER. lo sappiamo tutti che soltanto Allah è quello giusto!

Mickey Oberman Yitzchak Kaduri Messia5 hours ago

EU China Africa Asia US Canada UK French Arabic Spanish Martian Pig latin etc. etc.
No matter the language the Golan belongs to ISRAEL !

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia6 hours ago

Damascus Foreign Ministry. “Trump’s statements – it is stated – do not change the truth, because the Golan is and will remain Syrian”.
answer .. ANSWER ..
why do Muslims think that to their genocides: wars of aggression: threat of genocide, ETC .. shariah terrorism, etc. .. should never correspond any unpleasant consequence?

ministero degli Esteri di Damasco. “Le dichiarazioni di Trump – si afferma – non cambiano la verità, perché il Golan è e rimarrà siriano”.
answer.. ANSWER..
perché gli islamici pensano che ai loro genocidi: guerre di aggressione: minaccia di genocidio, ECC.. terrorismo shariah, ecc.. non debba mai corrispondere nessuna spiacevole conseguenza?

Mickey Oberman Yitzchak Kaduri Messia5 hours ago

“….why do Muslims think that to their genocides: wars of aggression: threat of genocide, ETC .. shariah terrorism, etc. .. should never correspond any unpleasant consequence?”

Because the immutable holy Koran tells them so.

VTS Yitzchak Kaduri Messia5 hours ago

What is Syria? It is not a state. It is a criminal enterprise. Golan has always been a part of Israel.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia6 hours ago

“In no case will we allow the legitimization of the occupation of the Golan”. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said about the announcement of US recognition of Israel’s sovereignty.
ANSWER. why did Erdogan not invade Syria when there was ISIS? why is he an ISIS supporter?

“Non permetteremo in nessun caso la legittimazione dell’occupazione del Golan”. Lo ha detto il presidente turco Recep Tayyip Erdogan in merito all’annuncio del riconoscimento Usa della sovranità di Israele.
perché Erdogan non ha invaso la Siria quando c’era ISIS? perché lui è un supporter di ISIS?

Mickey Oberman Yitzchak Kaduri Messia5 hours ago

Here we go again. Another month ling movie serial !!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia6 hours ago

Trump’s move on the Golan, wrath of Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran ANSWER. get yourself a chamomile, get angry yourself? and hurt your health!

La mossa di Trump sul Golan, ira di Russia, Siria, Turchia e Iran ANSWER. prendetevi una camomilla, arrabbiarsi nuoce alla salute!

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia7 hours ago

all the crimes of Islam shariah and its Democratic Party, high constitutional treason, banking seigniorage
tutti i delitti di Islam shariah e suo Partito democratico, alto tradimento Costituzionale il signoraggio bancarioIt was precisely a 36-year-old Somali who had been granted political refugee status in 2008. They entrusted girls to the refugee: he raped them, raped at age 11 Incredible. Young girls are entrusted to a Somali refugee. How to entrust a schoolchild to a driver with a history of rape and drunk driving. Ah yes, we did this too.

Seniors entrusted to immigrants and girls fed to refugees: what kind of country have we become?

Si trattava appunto di un 36enne somalo al quale era stato concesso lo status di rifugiato politico nel 2008. Affidano bambine al profugo: lui le stupra, violentata a 11 anni Incredibile. Affidano le ragazzine ad un profugo somalo. Come affidare una scolaresca ad un autista con precedenti per stupro e guida in stato di ebbrezza. Ah già, abbiamo fatto anche questo.
Anziane affidate a immigrati e bambine date in pasto ai profughi: che razza di Paese siamo diventati?

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia7 hours ago

Cardinal: “Refugees return to their home, if they take citizenship it will be Islamization”
“If in a few years they come to apply for citizenship and they will have it, this country will be condemned to be like one of the Muslim countries of the Middle East”.

Cardinale: “Profughi tornino a casa loro, se prendono cittadinanza sarà islamizzazione” “Se tra qualche anno vengono a chiedere la cittadinanza e l’avranno, questo paese sarà condannato a essere come uno dei Paesi musulmani del Medioriente”.

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia7 hours ago

another mentally ill Erdogan shariah? Bearded man stabs priest during Mass –
un altro malato mentale Erdogan shariah?

Uomo barbuto accoltella prete durante la Messa – VIDEO CHOC voxnews info/2019/03/22/uomo-barbuto-accoltella-prete-durante-la-messa-video/

Orrore nella chiesa di st Joseph di Montreal, in Quebec,

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia7 hours ago

The Kremlin comments on Trump’s statement on the Golan Heights:

The-Cremlin-comment-the- declaration-of-Trump-sulle-alture-del-Golan/ Like God made an extermination against the Pharaoh (10 plagues)
so I am preparing to make an extermination between Russia and the ARAB LEAGUE

Il Cremlino commenta la dichiarazione di Trump sulle alture del Golan: Come Dio ha fatto uno sterminio contro il Faraone (10 piaghe)
così io mi sto preparando a fare uno sterminio tra la Russia e la LEGA ARABA

uniusrei@protonmail.com7 hours ago

UniusREI lorenzoJHWH 🕎 Governor brotherhood to Grace Joy •
Muslims do not have a dignity to be able to talk about: 1. truth, 2.God, 3. justice, or 4.religion.
Jews have been in the desert of the madiana: for 40 years and one day: therefore they have legal and jurisdictional rights: on that region of Saudi Arabia! In fact, Jethro was Moses’ father-in-law and the master of that territory: is where the true Mount Sinai is located.
I’ll take that territory with good or bad! /analysis_jordan_walks_a_fine_line_between_the_bedouin_and_palestinians/ ☩Unius REI ☦️Governor brothers✞kingdom Israele

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia8 hours ago

Venezuela, Roberto Marrero arrestato con l’accusa di terrorismo: Venezuela, Roberto Marrero arrested on terrorism charges: sputniknews com/mondo/201903227447171-Venezuela-Roberto-Marrero-arrestato-con-laccusa-di-terrorismo/
pity that only Putin and Erdogan are ready to believe this slander!
peccato che soltanto Putin e Erdogan sono pronti a credere a questa calunnia!

No ius soli, utile solo alla sinistra per fare propaganda

Sono contraria allo allo ius soli, un automatismo sbagliatissimo che non fa gli interessi dei minori e che serve solo alla sinistra per fare un po’ di propaganda sull’accoglienza. Sono assolutamente favorevole a dare la cittadinanza a Ramy e Adam perché credo che una persona di quell’età, capace di un gesto di eroismo di quel livello, debba essere assolutamente premiato. Considero buona la nostra legge attuale anche per quanto riguarda i minori. La famiglia di Ramy, se non vado errata, è in Italia da 13 anni e questo significa che avrebbe tranquillamente potuto chiedere la cittadinanza italiana. Se lo avessero fatto l’avrebbero già ottenuta, a meno che non ci siano cose che io non conosco, così automaticamente quel ragazzo sarebbe già stato italiano anche lui. Ci sono molte fake news sulla cittadinanza italiana, visto che lo scorso anno l’Italia è stata la seconda Nazione in Europa per concessione di numero di cittadinanze agli stranieri.

L’articolo No ius soli, utile solo alla sinistra per fare propaganda proviene da Giorgia Meloni.

Visita6 h fa

Conservatori diventano primo partito Senato. Dal 26 maggio in Europa cambieremo tutto
Altro successo per la nostra famiglia europea Ecr Group: in Olanda il Forum per la Democrazia di Thierry Baudet diventa il primo partito al Senato. Difesa dei confini, dell’identità e dell’interesse nazionale, lotta all’Europa dei burocrati. Su queste basi il 26 maggio cambieremo tutto.

L’articolo Conservatori diventano primo partito Senato. Dal 26 maggio in Europa cambieremo tutto proviene da Giorgia Meloni.

Visita8 h fa